About 2M Academy

2M Academy is brought to all Australian and NZ Translators and Interpreters by 2M

The 2M Team includes experienced NAATI certified translators and interpreters with Master Degrees in Applied LInguistics, years of experience working in the industry as translators and interpreters and with a track record in teaching and training.

Meet our trainers

Grace Zhou, Senior Project Manager & Head of CALD at 2M -  NAATI Certified Translator
Grace Zhou

Senior Project Manager and Head of CALD at 2M

NAATI Certified Translator (French into English)

Tea Dietterich, CEO at 2M - NAATI Certified Translator & Interpreter
Tea Dietterich

Chief Executive Officer at 2M

NAATI Certified Interpreter (English and German) & Certified Advanced Translator (German<>English)

Tamas Nyeste, Head of Interpreting at 2M - NAATI Certified Interpreter
Tamas Nyeste

Head of Interpreting at 2M

NAATI Certified Interpreter (English & Hungarian) & Certified Translator (English<>Hungarian)

Thomas Lespes-Muñoz, Chief Marketing & Technology Officer at 2M
Thomas Lespes-Muñoz

Chief Marketing & Technology officer at 2M

Paula Aparicio, Senior Project Manager & Head of Miming & Resources Accounts at 2M - NAATI Certified Conference Interpreter & Translator
Paula Aparicio

Senior Project Manager and Head of Mining & Resources Accounts at 2M

NAATI Certified Conference Interpreter (English & Spanish) & Certified Translator (English<>Spanish)

Helena Rojas, Chief Operating officer at 2M
Helena Rojas

Chief Operating Officer at 2M

Eivan Sabater, Head of Media Localisation at 2M
Eivan Sabater

Media Localisation Manager at 2M

Beatrice Cortis, Senior Project Manager & Vendor Manager at 2M
Beatrice Francesca Cortis

Senior Project Manager and Vendor Manager at 2M

Guest Speakers

Han Xu

Han Xu

Han Xu is a professional interpreter and translator (Chinese-English), holding certification/accreditation from NAATI and CATTI (China Accreditation Test for Translators and Interpreters). She received systematic interpreting and translation training in an MA program at Sichuan University in China between 2011 and 2014. Since then, she has been practising as a conference interpreter, specialising in interpreting in business, diplomatic and educational settings. Han completed her PhD study at the University of New South Wales in early 2019. Han is actively promoting professional development of interpreters and translators in Australia. She is an active member in AUSIT and serves as National Treasurer.

Erika Gonzalez

Erika Gonzalez

Erika Gonzalez started her career as a conference interpreter in Europe, and then combined it with legal interpreting at community level. To deepen her knowledge and understanding of this field, she completed an MA by research on community interpreting at Universidad del País Vasco. In 2006, she was awarded an Endeavour Europe Award by the Department of Education, Science and Training, and came to Australia to do her PhD under Professor Sandra Hale’s supervision. She graduated with a PhD in professionalism and community interpreting in 2013 at the University of New South Wales. Currently Erika is a senior lecturer in Translation and Interpreting at RMIT University. She continues to work as a freelance translator and conference interpreter. She joined the National Council, inspired by her colleagues and the work they do in order to improve the situation of the profession in Australia.


Patricia Avila

Patricia has been an interpreter for over 30 years, working around the world. She designed and delivered NAATI test preparation sessions in QLD for 26 years, as well as the first ever “Working in Courts and Tribunals” seminar for AUSIT a few years back. Her favourite work is in courts and tribunals and she’s very happy to share some insights with 2M Academy’s ‘zoomers’.


Dylan J. Hartmann

Dylan J. Hartmann is a NAATI certified Thai-English Translator and the founder of AcudocX. Specialising in life sciences, legal and mining translations, and handling over 1 million words annually, Dylan identified an opportunity to streamline the personal document translation process with an accessible mobile-friendly platform that reshapes the way we handle personal document translations.