NZ Essentials for Interpreters

Overview module for interpreters providing services to New Zealand.

All Interpreters delivering interpreting for our NZ Clients need to complete the NZ Overview Module. The Module includes Essential knowledge of the New Zealand culture, including the Treaty of Waitangi, and Government context and comprises the below stated aspects:

  • NZ culture

    • Foundational Māori Values: Such as whānau (family), mana (honor), and kaitiakitanga (guardianship), ensuring sensitivity and respect during interpreting sessions.
    • Local Customs and Etiquette: This includes greetings, gift-giving, and understanding the importance of regional differences, ensuring that our interpreters can navigate varied social scenarios with grace.
  • Acknowledging the significance of the Treaty of Waitangi as a foundational document of New Zealand

    • Historical Context: Our team is educated on the circumstances leading up to the signing of the treaty, the roles of key figures, and the implications it had on the shaping of modern-day New Zealand.
    • Principles of the Treaty: Understanding the principles of partnership, participation, and protection, our interpreters can provide contextually relevant interpretations, especially when the Treaty or its implications are being discussed.
    • Treaty Settlements: Being abreast of current issues and settlements related to the Treaty ensures our interpreters are informed and can handle discussions about ongoing repercussions and redress.
  • New Zealand Government Context

    A grasp of the governmental structure and nuances of New Zealand is essential:
    • Governmental Structure: Our team understands the parliamentary system, roles of key officials, and the administrative structures of the New Zealand government.
    • Local Governance: Recognising the importance of local councils and their unique interplay with Māori communities ensures that our services are adaptable to both national and local contexts.
    • Key Legislation and Policies: We stay updated on major laws, regulations, and policies, especially those that may pertain to the rights and responsibilities of individuals and communities requiring our interpreting services.

All onboarded interpreters need to complete the dedicated NZ Overview module in order to undertake any MBIE or other NZ assignments with 2M.