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"Good communication is the cornerstone of the best palliative care. Interpreters are pivotal in providing good communication. Upskilling the Interpreter Workforce in Palliative Care Settings by 2M Language Services has enabled interpreters to do their job more effectively and hence improve palliative care for those who need it."

Professor Liz Reymond
Director, Brisbane South Palliative Care Collaborative, Queensland Health

"The PD you are organising is filling a massive gap in the offerings."

Sam Berner
Principal Arabic Communication Experts

"Really enjoyed the workshop. It was very informative and spot on!"

Weenuttawee Strickland
English-Thai Interpreter

"What I listened to this morning was definitely one of - if not the best conference/webinar on MTPE."

- Concise in comparison to Academic University Conferences
- Comprehensive Approach in comparison to "single-side events"
- Clear in explaining pros & cons of the different remuneration aspects

Milena Spelta Parenti
Italian Translator/Key Account Manager

"Thank you for organising the webinar. It is very good and helpful to listen to the feedbacks from the professionals. Please have more of them in the future."

Huong Lam
English-Vietnamese Interpreter

About NAATI PD Webinars

2M Academy delivers free and specialised training webinars to support continuous Professional Development (PD) for Australian and New Zealand Translators and Interpreters. Webinars are delivered live and include Q&A sessions for an interactive audience experience. NAATI-certified Translators and Interpreters can accumulate PD points from webinars for recertification.

2M is committed to supporting and upskilling language professionals from our region with high-quality webinars hosted by our accomplished trainers. Our free NAATI PD webinars feature experts from the language industry, professionally accredited translators and interpreters, as well as renowned guest speakers.

Webinars cover the following topics:

  • Language industry trends and updates
  • Language technologies
  • Professional ethics and cultural competence
  • Industry-specific professionalism
  • Language professionals’ wellbeing

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Past Webinars

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  • Language technology and tools training
  • Professional ethics and cultural competence
  • Skills development & knowledge

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