Achieving communication breakthroughs with CALD communities: A Q&A with CEO Mohammad Al-Khafaji

Cultural diversity is an asset in creating open-minded societies supported by sustainable governance systems. Australia is known to be one of the most diverse societies in the world, yet culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities still face disproportionate societal and economic outcomes due to causes such as inadequate public policy and limited access to information.

FECCA is Australia’s leading multicultural community organisation advocating for equitable change for CALD communities. Led by CEO Mohammad Al-Khafaji, FECCA has built a reputation for its concerted efforts in harnessing and protecting Australia’s cultural diversity. FECCA champions community engagement with an approach that prioritises community-led action in creating and implementing policies and programs that promote real change.

In this webinar, Mohammad Al-Khafaji will join 2Ms panel of experts to discuss access and engagement strategies to make an impact in the community. Mohammad and the 2M team will share their expertise on approaching, supporting, and engaging with CALD communities in Australia for greater access and participation opportunities.

Guest Speaker

Mohammad Al-Khafaji is the CEO of FECCA, Australia’s peak national body representing Australians from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. Mohammad is passionate about social justice and advocating on migration and settlement issues in Australia. He is a member of the Ad Standards Community Panel and was South Australia’s ‘Young Australian of the Year’ finalist in 2018.



2M Panel

Tea Dietterich founded 2M in 1999 under Multimedia Languages & Marketing. Since then, 2M has become one of Australasia’s leading language service and language technology providers. Tea has extensive board experience, as the president of the Australian Association of Language Companies (AALC), a Member of NAATI TRAC, and an AUSIT fellow.



Helena Rojas is the Chief Operating Officer at 2M. Helena oversees the daily business functions at 2M, actively supervising and supporting the entire team. With over a decade of industry experience, Helena is consistently finding ways to implement new and sustainable business practices across operations.




Grace Zhou is the Head of CALD at 2M. She leads CALD language projects with detailed attention to achieving culturally sensitive and linguistically accurate outcomes. Grace is a NAATI-certified French <> English and German > English translator and interpreter.



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