Optimising Interpreter Services in Healthcare: Insights from Industry Experts

Are you an interpreter working in healthcare settings? This webinar is for you!

Join us next week on Tuesday, 26 March, to hear from industry experts on the common pain points encountered by health services when it comes to booking interpreters. If you can’t make the live session, you can still register to receive the recording.

Drawing upon real-world examples and expert insights, our panel of speakers will present practical strategies and innovative solutions to overcome these challenges. From leveraging technology to improve access to language services to implementing training programs for interpreters and healthcare staff, we’ll provide actionable steps to enhance communication and mitigate risks in multicultural healthcare settings.

You will learn:

  • Working effectively with health providers and interpreters to improve service delivery
  • Best practices to enable language access in healthcare settings
  • Flexible solutions available to support interpreter booking processes
  • Perspectives from all stakeholders and actionable steps in improving the relationship between health services and language services

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Session 1: Taryn McBurney

12 November 2022. Practical Strategies for Self-Care & Resilience for Interpreters. Salient points  

Session 3: Professor Liz Reymond

29 April 2023. Voluntary assisted dying – what it is, how it works, the role of interpreters…

Session 3: Shae Miller

29 April 2023. Pathways to easier Advance Care Planning for interpretation. Salient points PowerPoint slides

Session 4: The Venerable Tsultrim

17 June 2023. Spiritual care at end of life… what is it? Salient points

Session 3: Katie Filmer

29 April 2023. It’s all about the patients. Salient points PowerPoint slides

Session 2: Dr Philip Good

18 February 2023. Beginner’s Guide to PallCare and End-of-Life Care: general information to interpreters. Salient points PowerPoint…

Session 2: Sherryl Searles

18 February 2023. Coping with death: recognising it as a natural and important part of life. Salient…

Session 2: Dr Jones Chen

18 February 2023. Working as an Interpreter in Palliative Care: overview of common illnesses, self-care and teamwork….

Session 1: Professor Liz Reymond

12 November 2022. Beginner’s Guide to Palliative Care. Salient points part I Salient points part II PowerPoint…

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